Our Team

The NewSchools team draws on extensive experience from across the education, business, policy, and nonprofit sectors to help find, fund, and support teams of educators and innovators.

Nour Abdelmonem

Senior Analyst, Learning Solutions

Rachel Adeyemo

Manager, Special Projects and Operations

Lacey Allen

Associate Partner, Learning Solutions

Maggie Andrews

Director, Development

Jason Atwood

Director, Research and Learning

Valerie Braimah

Senior Associate Partner, Innovative Public Schools

Airial Clark

Manager, Operations

Dorenyse Diaz

Associate Partner, Diverse Leaders

Wendy-Ann Dixon-DuBois

Director, Communications

Thea Fennira

Senior Executive Assistant, Learning Solutions

Crystel Harris

Director, People

Jessica Henry

Director, Operations

Mia Howard

Managing Partner, Innovative Schools

Cody Jones

Senior Coordinator, Finance

Delicia Jones

Chief Strategy Officer

Cecilia Juan

Manager, Development

Ruth Ann Le

Executive Assistant, People

Gina Lee

Coordinator, Grants and Contracts

Ana León-Santos

Senior Analyst, Racial Equity

Dani Lindo

Analyst, Diverse Leaders

Tyler Litt

Senior Associate Partner, Innovative Public Schools

Chris Lozier

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Alutto Martineau

Director, Partnerships and Engagement

Heather McManus

Chief People Officer

Kody Melancon

Associate Partner, Diverse Leaders

Frances Messano

Chief Executive Officer

Brittany Lynne Miller

Manager, Communications and Digital Marketing

Vanessa Monterosa

Senior Associate Partner, Learning Solutions

Katiusca Moreno

Senior Partner, Diverse Leaders

Maya Padilla

Coordinator, Development

Eddy Ramirez

Senior Manager, Communications

Cristina Rosales

Manager, People

Dan Segal

Strategic Advisor, Investment Teams

Jessi Seybert

Senior Coordinator, Operations

Nathan Shiferaw

Senior Analyst, Innovative Schools

Erin Stark

Senior Associate Partner, Learning Solutions, EDge

Antonio Tapia

Senior Associate Partner, Innovative Schools

Danielle Kristine Toussaint

Chief External Affairs Officer

Ariana Valenzuela

Senior Associate Partner, Innovative Schools

Andrew Vega

Senior Associate Partner, Racial Equity

Thalia Washington

Senior Manager, Development

Cameron White

Partner, Content and Tools, Learning Solutions

Natalie Wilson

Partner, Racial Equity