Erin Stark

Senior Associate Partner, Learning Solutions, EDge

Erin is a Senior Associate Partner on the Learning Solutions team. In this role, Erin leads NewSchools’ efforts to empower students with learning differences across investment areas.

Erin came to NewSchools from New Visions for Public Schools in New York City. As the Director of Student Support, she was responsible for managing a team of instructional specialists who provided educators with innovative tools and professional training to support students with disabilities, multilingual learners, and developing readers across 10 charter high schools.

In addition to designing web-based apps to support the tracking and delivery of special education services, she and her team developed a robust screening and diagnostic system to identify students for reading support and monitor their reading growth. She also led grant-funded projects, including systems to identify the reading needs of elementary students and a teacher training program focused on the use of explicit instruction and skills-based writing.

Erin is a graduate of the New York City Teaching Fellows program and is certified in special education and English Language Arts. For eight years, she worked directly with high school students as a classroom teacher, advisor, literacy intervention instructor, and postsecondary lead. She has done development work for the Alliance Theatre Company in Atlanta and The Posse Foundation in New York City.

Family and a deep commitment to inclusion anchor Erin’s personal and professional life. She comes from a family of special education advocates. Her sister, who was born with significant disabilities, was fortunate to be immersed in a family culture that expected full inclusion to be the norm. Erin loves parenting and spending as much time as she can outdoors with her daughter.