Expanded Definition of Student Success

We believe that every young person should finish high school prepared and inspired to pursue a life full of opportunity, choices, connection, and meaning.

What is an Expanded Definition of Student Success?

Back in 2015, we identified a deep interest among teachers and school leaders to expand the definition of student success. We saw teams of educators across the country creating new schools to support holistic student development. Following their lead and leveraging youth development research, we developed a framework to redefine student success beyond traditional metrics.

Our expanded definition of student success approach is centered on the belief that students must develop a strong academic foundation, as well as essential habits, mindsets, and skills, within a positive learning environment, to achieve success in school and life. Since 2015, we have funded the creation of 122 innovative schools across the country designed to help students achieve these goals. We have studied these schools through a multi-year, longitudinal study to understand what drives student success and to share these insights with the broader field.

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