Our Strategy

We’re embracing an optimistic outlook for the future of education. Although tomorrow’s challenges are uncertain, one thing is clear: a better future begins in our classrooms. Education fuels progress.

Our Priorities

Our new strategy builds on what works in education and funds new solutions to help students succeed in school and in life. We support early-stage organizations and new initiatives within existing organizations that work to improve outcomes for all students, particularly those furthest from opportunity — including students of color, those experiencing poverty, and those with learning differences. 

Over the next three years, we’re raising $100 million to invest in three key areas:

Accelerating reading and math growth for K-8 students through engaging and relevant content, tools and models

Reimagining the role of teachers by evolving how they work and engaging caregivers and community experts to support student success

Creating new innovative schools that help children develop a strong academic foundation and skills needed for success in life

Within and beyond our three main focus areas, we support ideas focused on enhancing teaching and learning for students with learning differences.

While not mandatory, we’re enthusiastic about solutions that:

Our Commitment to Community Engagement

We’re working with students, parents, educators, and researchers to ensure our investments are inclusive and impactful. All first-time investments will be informed by community leaders.