Teaching Reimagined


Investing in talent solutions isn’t a new priority. Since our inception, NewSchools has invested in early-stage talent focused organizations that have grown their impact and reach. More recently, our Diverse Leaders portfolio focused on growing the number and improving the quality of diverse teachers and leaders to keep pace with shifting student demographics. While the sector has made great strides to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce in education, we haven’t done enough to fundamentally shift the profession to make it a more viable and desirable vocation. 

It’s time to reimagine the role of teachers and right-size the job. We must evolve beyond the one teacher to 30 students classroom model to design engaging learning environments that meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students.

What We're Looking For

NewSchools will invest in innovative ideas that evolve how teachers work and strategies that involve caregivers and community experts in supporting student success. Our goal is to build on current efforts, catalyze new approaches and leverage generative AI to accelerate progress and make teaching a more sustainable, effective, and joyful profession that attracts a diverse group of educators.

  • Evolve how educators work: Innovations that redesign the teacher role and reimagine how we organize talent

  • Leverage generative AI: Generative AI solutions that increase teacher effectiveness by expanding access to content, research and/or feedback and learning

  • Surface new roles and talent: Solutions that leverage caregivers and community experts in new school roles to support student success