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Investing in a Bright Future For All Students: 2023 Trends


I’m thrilled to announce that NewSchools this year is investing $25 million in 102 ventures. These visionary teams are designing solutions with support from their communities. They are listening to students, parents, and educators and working to make education more engaging and relevant for all learners.

Leading at the Edge: A Story 25 Years in the Making

Danielle Kristine Toussaint

NewSchools is in good company this year among peers in philanthropy and education who are celebrating milestone anniversaries or signaling deeper shifts in their strategy by announcing brand refreshes …

Why We’re Leading with Optimism, Imagination, and Ambition in 2023

Frances Messano

It’s an exciting and challenging time to step into the CEO role at NewSchools. For the past eight years, I’ve been an executive leader in the organization and I’ve had the opportunity to …

Results from 2022 – What We Measured and Why it Mattered

Frances Messano

From the beginning, NewSchools has pioneered new ways of funding innovation in public education. Today, I’m as convinced as ever that venture philanthropy still has a powerful role to play …

Empowering students with learning differences: What we’ve learned in our first year of investing

Erin Stark

As a sibling of a person with severe disabilities and special educator for 20 years, I know firsthand the power in fully seeing our youth and providing them with their fundamental …

Rewriting the Rules: How to Make Teaching More Diverse, Rewarding, and Sustainable

Mia Howard

Finding and keeping diverse and talented teachers is a growing challenge in many parts of the country. Years of disrupted schooling, political and cultural battles, and school shootings have taken a toll on …

An expanded definition of student success should guide the pandemic-era learning recovery

Jason Atwood

Across the country, educators, policymakers, and innovators are urgently working to help schools recover from the academic and mental health impacts of Covid-19 and pandemic-related …

4 Inclusive Practices to Improve Grantmaking with Communities

Natalie Wilson

As a Black mother raising a brilliant Black girl who attends a public middle school, I came to this work because I wanted more for all children, especially those furthest from opportunity. I wanted to be at the table …