Our Investment Areas

We believe the genius to create an excellent and equitable education system already exists in our nation, in our communities, and that new ideas must have the support they need to grow. That’s why NewSchools offers not just funding, but partnership and support, to innovators who seek to build strong schools and organizations dedicated to a more just future in education. To get there, we support entrepreneurs in three investment areas: Innovative Schools, Learning Solutions, and Teaching Reimagined.

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Innovative Public Schools

Excellent, innovative schools can transform the lives of students, their families, and communities. We support the creation of new charter and district schools that provide students with a solid academic foundation and the mindsets, habits, and skills needed for lifelong success (an expanded definition of student success). These schools will emphasize student choice and personalized learning, prioritize relationships and community collaboration, and engage students with the broader world as they explore their passions and develop their future plans.

Learning Solutions

Existing schools need help developing student-centered classrooms that offer learners personalized support. We invest in learning solutions — including tools, content, and models — that accelerate literacy and math growth. We aim to create new possibilities by supporting literacy and numeracy solutions that unlock the power of research and instructional expertise for all students.

Teaching Reimagined

It’s time to reimagine the role of teachers and right-size the job. We invest in ideas that evolve how teachers work and strategies that involve caregivers and community experts in supporting student success. Our goal is to build on current efforts, catalyze new approaches and leverage generative AI to accelerate progress and make teaching a more sustainable, effective, and joyful profession that attracts a diverse group of educators.

Within and beyond our three main focus areas, we support ideas focused on enhancing teaching and learning for students with learning differences.

While not mandatory, we’re enthusiastic about solutions that: