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Crystel Harris

Crystel Harris

E.D.L.D. Resident

Crystel Harris has an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to student success that has been demonstrated throughout her career. She served as a founding middle school teacher in the Bronx, developed the NYCDOE’s first and only teacher residency program, and led the city’s first effort to recruit and retain male teachers of color, NYC Met Teach. At each step in her career, Crystel has had the opportunity to innovate, influence, and build systems and structures to continuously improve educational opportunities for students. As a leader, Crystel has developed new and experienced teachers in their practice, implemented innovative teacher recruitment strategies, built and supported strong teams, and developed and maintained cross-organization partnerships. As a result, an increasing number of students in NYC have had access to strong teachers, teacher attrition has increased, new recruitment pipelines have been developed, the diversity of the teacher population has increased.

Crystel has her BA in public policy (Woodrow Wilson School) and African American Studies from Princeton University, and her MA in Urban Education from Mercy College through the NYC Teaching Fellows Program. Crystel is currently in her third year of the EdLD program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Outside of work, Crystel attempts to be active through working out, hiking, or going for short runs. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and is always excited to try out a new podcast.