One Student’s Experience in an Innovative School

June 6, 2016

Last week we announced our latest round of investments in teams launching innovative schools in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017. Since last summer, we’ve invested in 25 new schools around the country. Of these, 22 are the first or second school in emerging charter networks, all of which intend to grow significantly in the coming years. The remaining three are district schools with autonomy to implement their innovative school designs.

In our 18-year history, NewSchools has funded the launch of more than 450 schools that collectively serve approximately 180,000 students. Our recent investments build on this legacy.

What do we mean by “innovative?” Our team looks at several criteria, but in the broadest sense, we support teams of educators creating schools that are different from the traditional school model, which was designed for a very different world than students live in today. Schools in our portfolio are committed to helping each student do well academically and develop other important mindsets, skills, and habits they need for long-term success. They do this by rethinking the way they use time, talent and technology to meet every student’s needs.

Ingenuity Prep in Washington, DC is an innovative school that’s been part of our portfolio since 2012. During the opening session of our annual Summit on May 11th, I shared a short video that tells their story through the experience of one student. It offers a glimpse of how the school tailors instruction to each student’s needs and helps them build deep relationships with their teachers and each other. Take a look!

At NewSchools, working with teams like this all over the country makes us incredibly optimistic. Because every year, kids like Tanae and moms like Ashley have better options when great schools like Ingenuity Prep open in their neighborhoods.

If you are thinking about designing and launching an innovative school, we would love to hear about your idea here!