Diverse Leaders

Diverse Leaders

Investing in talent has long been a part of the NewSchools strategy. One of the biggest talent challenges in education today is diversifying the pool of teachers and leaders to better reflect and serve public school students.


Our goal is for the PreK-12 education workforce to mirror the racial demographics of U.S. students today.


Today’s young people are the most diverse generation in our nation’s history. Forty percent of PreK-12 students are Black and Latino; more than half identify as a person of color. If we are going to reimagine learning so it works better for every student, we need diverse teachers and education leaders who understand the backgrounds and life experiences of the students they serve.

To support this work, NewSchools invests in two areas: Teacher Diversity and Diverse Leaders.

The benefits of diverse leadership are well documented, but Black and Latino leaders are underrepresented in education as compared to the percentage of Black and Latino students in our nation’s schools. If no action is taken, this gap will grow as the number of children of color in the American public school system continues to climb.


NewSchools’ Diverse Leaders strategy aims to close the diversity gap by recruiting, retaining, and supporting Black and Latino leaders in education. Our goal is for Black and Latino teachers and leaders to represent at least 40 percent of the PreK-12 education workforce, mirroring the demographics of U.S. students today. We work towards this goal by:

  1. Investing in innovators with bold ideas to diversify education leadership.
  2. Influencing education entrepreneurs, funders and partners to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion.
  3. Reinforcing our commitment to diversity at NewSchools to ensure we are well equipped to deliver on our goals. Learn more about our journey here.


Click here to learn more about our strategy and the research behind it.

Thinking about advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization?

Recognizing that leaders want to advance DEI initiatives, but often struggle with how to get started or what to focus on, we enlisted Catalyst:Ed to create the “DEI Expert Hub.” The DEI Expert Hub informs and connects leaders of schools, school systems, nonprofits, funders, and ed tech companies with experts who bring deep experience assessing, designing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in education organizations.

Learn more and get started >>

Unrealized Impact: Groundbreaking Study on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Education

How diverse, equitable and inclusive is the education sector? In partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Raikes Foundation, Schusterman Family Foundation and Walton Family Foundation, we commissioned a study of more than 200 organizations and received responses from nearly 5,000 individuals. This is the most comprehensive data on the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the field.

Read the full report>>


Meet the Team

 Frances Messano | Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah | Natalie Wilson | Angel Njenga


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