Summit Kickoff!

April 30, 2014

NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell has opened Summit 2014! Ted thanked our generous sponsors, including the NewSchools Board of Directors and the NewSchools Leadership Council.

Gloria Lee, NewSchools President and COO, took over the stage from Ted. She shared her favorite PowerPoint slide, “A Tale of Two Writing Samples.” The slide shows the different standards applied to students in low-income schools and high-income schools. As Gloria reminds us, all students deserve to receive a high-quality education — not just the privileged.

Reba Dominski, Senior Director of Education at Target Community Relations, took the stage after Gloria to share Target’s commitment to giving back. Target, Summit’s main sponsor this year, donates five percent of their profits to charity. Target is changing the conversation about education in the United States by sharing the stories and perspectives of disadvantaged kids.