Live From Summit 2016: What Will it Take to Integrate Our Schools?

May 11, 2016

Halley Potter of the Century Foundation moderated a discussion exploring the current state of school segregation and a range of solutions school leaders should consider to drive change. Joining her as panelists were:

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, Reporter for NY Times & Pro-Publica
  • Elsa Duré, CEO at Rhode Island Mayoral Academies 
  • Enid Rey, Executive Director for the Hartford Public Schools Office of School Choice

Parents of color don’t want their kids to go to integrated schools simply because they want them to sit next to white children. Research shows children who attend more diverse schools are healthier, more likely to graduation high school and achieve more success throughout their lives. There are some strategies that are working to integrate schools however desegregating the nations schools continues to be a challenge.

For example, Rey of Hartford, CT, a successful engagement campaigns that conveyed the value of diverse education experiences by creating high quality magnet schools systems. These schools were created with the goal of serving more racially and economically diverse students together.