K-12 Ed Tech Market Map Refresh

May 29, 2013

Around 500BC, the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said “the only thing that is constant is change.”

As has been well documented over the past few years, innovation and investments in the K-12 Education Technology market have been on the rise. The K-12 ed tech market is highly dynamic and some days it seems that the only constant is change as we try to monitor and obtain accurate and timely information about emerging technologies and companies. 

So today, NewSchools is releasing an update to the K-12 Ed Tech Market Map, once again created in collaboration with Education Elements and the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. This update includes about 50 new companies added, a graphic design refresh (the larger the circle, the more companies in that space!), and revised categorizations in Data and Talent Management. We listened to those of you who emailed us feedback (thanks!) and hope you’ll find your suggestions reflected in the update.

In addition, NewSchools is pleased to announce that EdSurge will be picking up the task of representing the market map and working to extend and elaborate this picture of the education-technology landscape. To suggest additions to this map, please fill out this form. If you have additional comments, you’re also welcome to email them to [email protected].