Acuarela Curriculum Cooperative

Acuarela Curriculum Cooperative is creating culturally sustaining, interdisciplinary bilingual curricula that interweaves and aligns to both literacy and rich content standards (science, social studies, arts), beginning in early childhood. We provide wraparound professional learning for teachers and leaders to support implementation of our comprehensive curriculum and build knowledge of the research behind its design, and […]’s mission is to enable 10 million 4th-12th grade students attending low-income, Title-1 schools to become strong readers, writers, and critical thinkers in the next five years. Quill currently serves 12,000 schools across the United States (8,000 Title-1 schools) through free, AI-powered literacy tools that provide students with real-time, actionable feedback and coaching so that […]

The AI Education Project (aiEDU)

The AI Education Project (aiEDU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit centering equity and accessibility in AI education. We educate students—especially those disproportionately impacted by AI and automation—with the conceptual knowledge and skills they need to thrive as future workers, creators, consumers, and citizens. We’re dedicated to create equitable educational experiences to excite and empower learners everywhere […]


Transformative Learning Experiences (TLEs) are project-based curricula that make high school meaningful. Developed by Springpoint, TLEs are deeply researched, youth-centered, informed by culturally responsive pedagogy, and richly supported for teacher implementation. Explicitly designed with both rigor and purpose in mind, TLEs focus on real-world problems that leverage students’ passions and speak to their interests and […]

Transformative Learning Solutions

Transformative Learning Solutions’ mission is to support the growth and development of teachers and school leaders to create the conditions that improve instruction for historically marginalized students so that they may become independent learners with agency and greater capacity for deeper learning. We do so using the science of learning, culturally responsive instructional practices, and […]

Impactful Projects, Inc

Through the Impactful PBL Network, we strengthen educators’ capacity to implement equity-focused instructional practices via project-based learning. We provide the training, resources, and community necessary for teachers to design and facilitate memorable project-based learning experiences that empower students to tackle challenges in their school and community.

Uplift K12 LLC

Uplift K12 gets to the root of math anxiety and boosts students’ confidence through the use of virtual manipulatives, interactive collaboration, and multiplayer games. We are an enthusiastic group of people with a passion for education and a commitment to improved learning outcomes.