Goalbook – Social IEPs for everyone? Actually, yes

April 16, 2012

Goalbook could revolutionize how we approach differentiated instruction and outcome-based education.

Four of my five kids have been on IEPs (Individual Education Plans) at one point or another. Two of them still are and I have little doubt that my youngest will be too once she hits school. She’s only two, but she’s already dropping her s’s just like her brothers did. I don’t have a problem with this. To be honest, everyone should probably have an IEP, but the term IEP carries a certain stigma with it, so in modern educational settings we call this “differentiated instruction”. Whatever.

I found out about Goalbook during an interview with the founders of NewSchools Venture Fund for this week’s review:ed webcast (you can watch last week’s episode and find downloads and podcast subscriptions to review:ed here). The company is one of New School’s recent investments and I can see why.

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