Exploring ELL research: Key Takeaways for Ed Tech Developers

Dr. Guillermo Solano-Flores is Professor of Education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. He specializes in educational assessment and the linguistic and cultural issues that are relevant to both international test comparisons and the testing of cultural and linguistic minorities. His research is based on the use of multidisciplinary approaches that use psychometrics, […]

Literature Review: Education Technology and English Language Learning

  As part of our research partnership, WestEd conducts a literature review for each NewSchools Ed Tech challenge. The literature review is meant to provide readers with an overview of the current ed tech research landscape, as it relates to the challenge’s focus area. This literature review provides an overview of best practices for developers to […]

English Language Learning Ed Tech Challenge

In August 2016, NewSchools launched the English Language Learning Ed Tech Challenge – open to entrepreneurs developing engaging, technology-enabled learning experiences, assessments and other digital tools that support English Language Learners in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Why English Language Learning? The importance of English Language Learning One critical aspect of the United States’ increasing racial, socioeconomic […]


“Spotlight’s proprietary technology converts education data into narrative text, either as reports that read like newspaper articles, or as personalized video delivered via text message or email. Spotlight provides this software either as a “”bolt-on”” to education organizations’ platforms, or directly to school systems.”


“STORYWORLD is an interactive bilingual publishing platform that uses stories and related activities to support language learners. Currently available in Spanish, Mandarin and English, STORYWORLD’s platform can present material in any two languages and is designed to meet the emerging needs of a growing linguistically diverse population. STORYWORLD works on any device, including tablets and […]


“TalkingPoints is an education technology nonprofit with a mission to meaningfully connect all teachers, parents and students to increase engagement and student success. TalkingPoints’ multilingual texting platform allows teachers and educators to communicate with all parents through translated text messages in their native languages.”


“Listenwise builds listening skills across the curriculum. World class podcasts are transformed into engaging academic content, with tools to differentiate instruction for diverse learners and assess listening comprehension.”

Mawi Learning

“Mawi Learning provides online and blended social emotional training for students and staff. Its Super ELL courses build growth mindset, academic confidence, and cultural agility specifically for English Learners.”


“Quill.org is a free tool that helps low-income K-12 students become better writers. Quill provides teachers with a free, high-quality curriculum aligned with the Common Core standards and provides students with instant feedback on their work. Quill’s exercises help teachers progressively build the skills students need to read deeply and think critically about the world […]

Speak Agent

“Speak Agent is an online learning platform that addresses the ELL achievement gap by providing interactive, grade-appropriate lessons with audiovisual supports. It effortlessly adapts to each school district, educator and learner to meet their precise academic vocabulary needs on-demand in ten subject areas. Educators can create a tailored digital learning experience in just minutes, without […]