As part of our research partnership, WestEd conducts a literature review for each NewSchools Ed Tech challenge. The literature review is meant to provide readers with an overview of the current ed tech research landscape, as it relates to the challenge’s focus area. This literature review provides an overview of best practices for developers to consider when creating ed tech products intended to support the teaching and learning of English learners. From the report:

Educational technology developers have an unprecedented opportunity to promote learning and address specific needs of teachers and students in English Language Learning (ELL). Addressing these needs using technology requires a combined understanding of both the best practices for instruction and learning in ELL education, and how technology can best be used to promote those best practices for students and teachers in ELL.

Key features of effective ELL edtech that support activities that research suggests are highly likely to promote student learning include: supporting multiple modes and contexts, enhancing motivation and confidence, providing feedback and active evaluation, utilizing mobile learning, supporting collaboration, enhancing motivation and confidence, building on previous experiences, learning in a social setting, and teaching with technology.

The literature review includes sections on Best Practices in English Language Learning, Applying Educational Technology to English Language Learning, and Developing Educational Technology for English Language Learning, as well as a list of more than 100 references to additional published research.