NewSchools Launches a New Live, Interactive Series Lifting Up What Works In Education 

This month Bright Spots, a new live, interactive series hosted by NewSchools debuted on LinkedIn. We’re excited to connect with more education innovators and stakeholders in real-time and lift up what’s working during this time of rebuilding and reinvention in education. This series features our NewSchools colleagues in conversation with the innovators we fund and […]

A Shifting Landscape: How Innovative Schools Are Moving Forward

DaVinci Connect HS

By Antonio Tapia, Senior Associate Partner, Innovative Public Schools I have lived in California for 20 years and experienced my fair share of earthquakes. When the ground under you starts shaking, you don’t think about how you might reinforce your home or rebuild its foundation. You check on your kids and pets and take cover. […]

Trends Emerging From Our First 62 Investments in 2021

By Frances Messano Here at NewSchools, we kicked off 2021 with the launch of a new three-year strategy, focused on four investment areas: Innovative Public Schools, Learning Solutions, Diverse Leaders, and Racial Equity. Our team is energized by the tremendous response from education innovators and leaders across the country. As we analyzed data from the […]

Like Airlines, Schools Can Fall Victim to ‘Press-On-Itis.’ 6 Ways to Make Sure Reopening Plans Can Adapt as Circumstances Change

By Gabi Netter, Associate Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund This article originally appeared in The 74. Despite pressure from President Donald Trump for schools to offer in-person instruction this fall, many students in states such as California and in 17 of the 20 biggest school districts in the nation will start the year online. As they reopen, schools and districts are […]

We Helped Two Schools Create Reopening Plans — Here Are Five Lessons

By Heather McManus, NewSchools Venture Fund & Jeff Shulz, Bellwether Education Partners Photo by Mark Rabe This post was originally published on Ahead of the Heard, the blog of Bellwether Education Partners.  With school starting in most places in a few weeks, school and network leaders are under tremendous pressure to finalize their reopening plans. With […]

How One School Built Systems to Support its Most Vulnerable Students

By Antonio Tapia, Senior Associate Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund Photo: Neil Thomas As we wind down the most unconventional summer most of us have ever experienced, the nation’s attention has predictably shifted to the reopening of schools. Depending on your region, schools in your area are getting ready to implement a hybrid model or prepare […]

Do Black Lives Matter in Education Reform?

By Natalie Wilson, Associate Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund I have spent the past five years searching for a public school that I am not certain exists. I am a single mom to a lively, brilliant, rising fifth grader, Gabrielle, who embodies the phrase #BlackGirlMagic. Over the last five years, we’ve moved from Chicago to Philadelphia to […]

Keep the older kids at home and use middle and high schools for elementary students

By Leo Bialis-White, Senior Associate Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund Updates! Back in May, Greg Richmond and Peter Cunningham were some of the first to advocate for reallocating secondary school buildings in The 74. Evidence about how children in different age groups transmit the coronavirus wasn’t out then, which only strengthens their argument. Emily Oster of ParentData blog came to a similar […]

Three Principles School Leaders Can Use to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

By David Noah, Comp Sci High Jason Shaad, Charter School Growth Fund Miho Kubagawa, NewSchools Venture Fund Photo by Andy Falconer Are face shields just as effective as face masks? What does social distancing look like for early elementary school students? Should we take everyone’s temperature upon arrival? How often should playground equipment be cleaned? School […]