What are the Big Questions for 2018?

January 9, 2018

Everyone likes to give their predictions at the start of a new year. And, while those prognostications are often fun and sometimes even accurate, our CEO Stacey Childress has a different idea. How about if we start by asking the right questions, instead?

In a blog post out this morning, on Forbes.com, Stacey asks: “Which forces and trends will drive the next 20 years of K-12 education innovation?” She added, “We’re asking this question at NewSchools Venture Fund as we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.”

Here’s what she thinks we should be asking:

  • Is education technology poised for a new wave of innovation?
  • An increased focus on social-emotional learning opened an innovation window over the last few years. Has it closed already?
  • Will our renewed focus on career and technical education stimulate smart investments in ways to better prepare all young people for the future of work?

Stacey has an uncanny knack for probing on a kernel of an idea that eventually grows into something we’re all talking about. She says sometimes, it’s just as important to call out what we don’t know, so we can begin to notice trends that will lead us to the right answers. Her blog is definitely worth a read. Please check it out! And, we’d love to hear your ideas about questions we should all be asking.