Unlocking the Potential of Students with Learning Differences

Cameron White, Partner and Erin Stark, Senior Associate Partner Nationwide, 1 in 5 students learn and think differently. Sometimes these students have formally diagnosed disabilities and for others, these differences are undiagnosed and often result in a lack of personalization and engagement. Children who are further marginalized by racism and poverty are especially vulnerable to […]

SEL Has Never Been More Important: Three Equity-Focused Tools to Use at Home

Cameron White

By Cameron White, Senior Associate Partner Even before the COVID-19 public health crisis, equity-minded educators recognized the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) in supporting students’ growth. In a survey conducted by EdWeek before widespread school closures, almost 90 percent of K-12 district leaders had already invested in products designed to support SEL. COVID-19 has reinforced — or […]

Live From Summit 2016: Partnership Strategies with Supes and Tech Decision Makers

Moderated by Doug Roberts, Founder and CEO of Educational Solutions Consulting, this session featured five superintendents and technology decision-makers: Susan Enfield (Highline Public Schools) John Krull (Oakland Unified School District) Randy Bridges (Florence School District One) Richard Carranza (San Francisco Unified School District) Stan Rounds (Las Cruces Public Schools) The speakers explored strategies for edtech developers […]

Science learning, cultural relevance and hip hop

As student populations become more racially and socioeconomically diverse, there is a growing recognition among educators and researchers of the role that culture can play in children’s academic and social development. In many cases, students are forced to navigate an inherent “mismatch” between their home and school cultures. This disconnect is perhaps most pronounced when […]

Summit Presenter Q&A with Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google

Our annual NewSchools Summit is coming up on May 6, 2015. In the coming weeks, we will feature posts on some of our exciting presenters. Next up is Jaime Casap, a leader at Google for Education. One of Jaime’s passions is to challenge the education technology field to diversify its ranks. Our Summit session “Race, technology and […]

Equity, Diversity & Edtech

The “wall of silence” is crumbling. For the first time, Silicon Valley’s technology companies have begun releasing data about the diversity of their employees. The disclosures help to quantify a reality that many have suspected or experienced firsthand: Less than five percent of the collective workforces of Facebook, Google and Yahoo are black or Hispanic; four […]

Helping Children Cope with Technological Change

A recently posted video of a four-year old’s tearful reaction to his father’s upgrade to Apple iOS 7 serves as a reminder that software innovation can affect children psychologically. The 17-second clip leaves much unaddressed: What about the new operating system made it “different” instead of “better”? Could the father have anticipated such a reaction […]