How Generative AI Can Engage and Empower Students

Two students smiling and looking at a laptop

By Cameron White, Senior Partner Uncertainty about the future of K-12 education has ignited a debate: Should schools prioritize research-based instruction or an engagement-first strategy that centers student enthusiasm and curiosity? Framing these choices as a binary overlooks the important synergy achieved when students are both personally engaged and academically supported. As we chart a […]

A Cognitive Scientist Turns a Personal Struggle into a Mission for Inclusive Learning

Photo credit: JMartin Visuals / (L-R) Felecia Hatcher, CEO of Black Ambition; Leo Creer, Co-Founder and CTO of Expert IEP; Grand Prize Winner Antoinette Banks, CEO and Founder of Expert IEP; and Pharrell Williams, Founder of Black Ambition Ten years ago, Antoinette Banks was in Los Angeles navigating the educational system for her daughter with […]

Education Fuels Progress: Our 2024-26 Strategy

By Frances Messano, CEO In America, it remains all too predictable who gets a fair shot at life. Our education system should be a gateway to opportunity, yet it often acts as a barrier. While there’s no shortage of committed leaders and bright spots in communities across the country, we have yet to move the […]

Results from 2022 – What We Measured and Why it Mattered

By Frances Messano, Chief Executive Officer From the beginning, NewSchools has pioneered new ways of funding innovation in public education. Today, I’m as convinced as ever that venture philanthropy still has a powerful role to play in advancing education and that we must lead with equity, collaboration, and courage as our guiding principles.  The urgency […]

Why We’re Leading with Optimism, Imagination, and Ambition in 2023

By Frances Messano, Chief Executive Officer It’s an exciting and challenging time to step into the CEO role at NewSchools. For the past eight years, I’ve been an executive leader in the organization and I’ve had the opportunity to design and implement new ways of funding and supporting education entrepreneurs. In 2023, we are celebrating […]

NewSchools Venture Fund Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer

Contact: Wendy-Ann Dixon-DuBois NewSchools Venture Fund [email protected]  NewSchools Venture Fund Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer  (Oakland, CA, January 11, 2023) – NewSchools Venture Fund introduced Frances Messano as its new Chief Executive Officer today. In 2022, Messano was appointed as successor to outgoing CEO, Stacey Childress, who stepped down after an accomplished eight year tenure. […]

Rewriting the Rules: How to Make Teaching More Diverse, Rewarding, and Sustainable

By Mia Howard, Senior Partner, Innovative Schools Finding and keeping diverse and talented teachers is a growing challenge in many parts of the country. Years of disrupted schooling, political and cultural battles, and school shootings have taken a toll on educators. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics in March found that 44% […]

How Philanthropy Can Help Schools Deliver on the Promise of a Historic Investment 

By Erin Harless, Senior Manager, Research and Learning, and Nour Abdelmonem, Senior Analyst, Learning Solutions The public education sector sits at a crossroads. On one hand, school districts have access to unprecedented resources — $190 billion through the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund — to help students and educators recover from the pandemic. At the […]

NewSchools Launches a New Live, Interactive Series Lifting Up What Works In Education 

This month Bright Spots, a new live, interactive series hosted by NewSchools debuted on LinkedIn. We’re excited to connect with more education innovators and stakeholders in real-time and lift up what’s working during this time of rebuilding and reinvention in education. This series features our NewSchools colleagues in conversation with the innovators we fund and […]