The Canizales Group

Entrepreneur: Claudia Canizales Aguilar, Mayra Canizales Cruz, and Yanira Canizales Wandera

Founded: 2021

“Transforming lives of children, families, and communities through quality, bilingual anti-racist professional development and capacity building for teachers, schools, and system leaders.” We envision anti-racist structures in districts, schools, and classrooms where emerging bilingual students and students of color are honored, loved, challenged, and successful in order to use their socio-cultural capacities to be anti-racist change agents in their own communities. Our mission is to support individuals and educational institutions committed to anti-racism and focused on redefining, reimagining, and challenging the way we serve emergent bilinguals and students of color. We provide the coaching and tools necessary to revolutionize and decolonize systems, structures, and programming that directly impact students and their families.