Raisa Sterling

Education Leader

Raisa Sterling is a critically conscious educator and learning experience artist who has implemented culturally responsive instruction as a Humanities teacher in New York City schools for over a decade. As a Bronx native, Raisa used her role as an educator to not only elevate her impact on the genius of NYC youth, but to empower other educators to do the same. She continues to facilitate staff development and coaches new teachers on equitable practices and culturally responsive curriculum development in addition to developing her own curriculum with a focus on social justice and equity. Raisa’s passion for education stems from her own experiences in Bronx public schools which fuel her drive to transform the instruction Black and Brown youth receive to reflect one that enhances their criticality and confidence in self. She strives to create spaces where people not only understand their genius and the systems they are subject to, but to use their geniuses to dismantle and recreate more equitable systems that empower all.