Jessi Seybert

Senior Coordinator, Operations

Jessi Seybert (he/they) is a Senior Coordinator on the Operations team at NewSchools Venture Fund. In his role, Jessi manages our Oakland office facilities and works closely with Shared Services staff to support the organization.

Before joining NewSchools, Jessi worked in the food and beverage industry, in roles ranging from pastry cook to corporate catering manager. It was in the corporate role, after being assigned to a very well-off private school, that he found himself unable to ignore the inequity in educational opportunities children have access to. Since then, he’s been using their operations and administrative experience to support those working to close the gaps in our education system.

When they’re not working, Jessi is usually sitting by the ocean working on a new embroidery project and jamming to some indie pop music or touring the various San Francisco playgrounds with their young daughter.