Dr. Dwight E. Rhodes

Education Leader

Dr. Dwight Rhodes is the CEO and Founder of Rhodes2Equity (R2E) Consulting headquartered in Atlanta. He has a proven track record for providing equitable outcomes for students by dramatically improving their schools and districts. R2E is the intersection of his learning as a 2017 Harvard doctoral graduate of educational leadership and a twenty-plus-year educator. As the former Chief Transformation Specialist for Georgia’s Every Student Succeeds Act plan to transform its lowest-performing schools, Dr. Rhodes’ leadership was instrumental in transforming historically “F” schools into nearly “B” rated schools within two years. He helped lead the transformation of schools and districts by getting to the root of problems and removing barriers for district and school-level leaders. To achieve this, he implemented a Design Thinking framework that created the space for district and school leaders to utilize research, ideation, and prototyping to reimagine how to improve academic outcomes for all students, particularly students of color.