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Through NewSchools Invent, we invest in teams of educators who want to launch new, innovative public schools that prepare young people to finish high school prepared and inspired to create and live the lives they want – good lives, full of opportunity, choices, connection and meaning. These schools will reimagine the learning experience for students, particularly those from underserved communities. NewSchools Invent is a major part of NewSchools’ Innovative Schools portfolio.

NewSchools Invent is designed for teams of educators who are committed to launching an innovative public school and would benefit from additional support. Our goal is to accelerate a team’s progress toward a successful launch by providing assistance in three key areas:

  1. Financial Support: Planning grants of $200,000 during the critical planning period of up to 14 months before school launch. At the end of the planning phase, teams may apply for an investment that would support their first two to three years of operation.
  2. Community of Practice: Participation in an active community of practice to build relationships with and learn from peer organizations from across the country.
  3. Management Assistance: Direct support from our team, participation in research efforts to inform practice, and connections to external experts.

For Fall 2019, our primary focus is on new schools that will open in Fall 2021. If you believe you meet our eligibility requirements and investment criteria, please refer to our apply page for more information.


Are charter schools without an approved charter eligible?

Yes. However, applicants must demonstrate progress towards achieving charter approval.

Are applicants with incomplete leadership teams eligible?

Yes. At the time of application, we require at least one leadership team member to be identified.

Are for-profit charter schools eligible?

 No. At this time, we only support non-profit charter schools.

Are private or independent schools eligible?

No. At this time, we are only supporting public district or charter schools.

Are new programs or initiatives within an existing school eligible?

No. Programs or initiatives that are not considered a “whole” school by the state and federal government are ineligible. For example, an afterschool program or a “school within a school” would not be eligible.

Are existing schools eligible to apply?

Existing district or charter schools are not eligible for this opportunity except in the case of a “restart.” There must be a change in governance that gives a new operator full autonomy over every aspect of the existing school. If you do not fall into this category, please refer to our Share Your Idea page, and we will contact you about other opportunities within our portfolio.

Is this program open to districts or charters that want to replicate an existing, high-performing school?

Yes. This program will support the replication of a single, high-performing school to a second campus. This presents an opportunity for a successful district or charter school to begin the process of expanding their impact beyond a single campus.

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