Welcoming Equal Opportunity Schools to the NewSchools Family

December 13, 2013

+Illustrator PageToday, NewSchools welcomes Equal Opportunity Schools to its portfolio with an investment of $250,000. Equal Opportunity Schools joins the NewSchools portfolio as an EDge investment, which explores the freshest ideas improving education for underserved students and enables amazing entrepreneurs working outside the scope of our Seed, Learning to Teach, and City Funds in Boston, DC, Newark, and Oakland.

Equal Opportunity Schools is a national not-for-profit that works with schools throughout the U.S. to identify “missing students” who are ready for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) high school courses that lift them toward college success, but get overlooked for those opportunities. Recent research by Equal Opportunity Schools and the Education Trust identified over 600,000 Latino, black, and low-income students who should be matched with their schools’ AP and IB classes, but unfortunately continue to fall through the cracks. 

Equal Opportunity Schools provides deep data analysis and management consulting to principals and school system leaders to ensure that missing students are placed in – and successful in – AP and IB. Working with Google Global Impact Awards, the Harvard Education Innovation Laboratory – and now in partnership with NewSchools – Equal Opportunity Schools is working with 80 schools in a randomized controlled study to measure the impact of AP on college completion. We believe that focussing on “missing students” may offer schools among the highest impact on college readiness and the achievement gap per dollar because it builds on what’s already working.

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