TIME features Blue Engine in documentary on American dream

January 23, 2015

Watch this TIME video to see how BlueEngine schools are preparing students for success at high levels. http://ti.me/183Six3


On Tuesday night, Michelle Obama was joined by a handful of people to watch the President’s State of the Union address in person. From astronaut Scott Kelly to Alan Gross, the foreign aid worker who was recently released after five years of imprisonment in Cuba, each of the White House’s guests personifies a story the President would like to tell about America.

In 2014, Estiven Rodriguez was the author of one of those stories. Then a high-school senior from New York City, Rodriguez was recognized by Obama in the State of the Union address for arriving in United States, the son of a Dominican factory worker, unable to speak a word of English and going on to become a first-generation college student.

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About Blue Engine

Blue Engine is a New York City-based education nonprofit that partners with public high schools serving low-income communities to prepare greater numbers of students for college success. By rethinking how human capital is used in schools, Blue Engine helps elevate levels of college readiness in low-income communities while training a new wave of educators to enter the teaching profession.