Tell Us Your Big Idea! Launching Pre-Application Surveys to Gather Info on Innovative Schools

April 16, 2015

Earlier this year we shared our strategy for 2015 and beyond.  A major pillar of our strategy is to invest in teams of educators across the U.S. who are designing schools that prepare and inspire each and every student to reach his or her most ambitious dreams and plans.  We aim to support schools that set bold goals for their students and embrace an expanded definition of student success that includes high academic outcomes as well as mastery of other critical life skills that students need to succeed. 

Now we want to hear from you!  

What is your audacious school vision?  Perhaps you have a dream of launching 100 diverse, student-centered STEM charter schools in the next 15 years. Or you are a leadership team in an existing school with strong results, but you feel compelled to provide students greater ownership over their learning path and pace via digital content and project-based learning. Whether you fit in these categories or another, if you are innovating on the student experience in ways that you believe will personalize their learning and significantly improve their life outcomes, we want learn about your plans for the future. 

BIG Idea

Our team – myself, Liz Arney, Arielle Rittvo, and Alex Caram – are launching Pre-Application Surveys to gather more information from you. Currently, we are primarily targeting two types of applicants: (1) entrepreneurial individuals or teams with plans to start new charter networks in the next 3 years and (2) existing, high-performing charter networks (CMOs) with plans to pilot new designs in existing schools and/or launch innovative new schools. If neither of these apply to you, that’s okay too – you are still welcome to share your ideas with us.

Our Innovative Schools page has more information and links to our Pre-Application Surveys.  We encourage you to complete a survey so we can learn more about your model.  We will review survey responses on a rolling basis and will respond to all applicants within three weeks of submission.