Ted Talks at Google

January 13, 2011

Despite all of the attention being paid to innovation in public education today, educational entrepreneurs still face many obstacles to reaching children through their ideas. Unlike in fields like technology and medicine, where capital markets help entrepreneurs build transformative ideas, education entrepreneurs motivated to improve educational outcomes for students often find little support and even less access to funding.

Our own Ted Mitchell joined Geoffrey Canada (President and Chief Executive Officer of the Harlem Children’s Zone), Richard Barth (President and Chief Executive Officer of KIPP Foundation), and Google’s Craig Nevill-Manning to discuss the next generation of education entrepreneurship.

Watch below to hear Canada’s reminder that many people are hoping that innovative solutions getting results at HCZ, KIPP, and other entrepreneurial organizations fail. “They’re actually hoping that it doesn’t work… And you know why? Because if they can do it, it means the rest of the folk can do it too.”