Breakout #3: Political Savvy: Guidebook for a New Landscape

Answering the question of whether or not education entrepreneurial organizations should get involved in advocating directly for policy change was the topic of Breakout #3: Political Savvy: Guidebook for a New Landscape. This conversation seemed especially timely coming on the heels of intense debate about Colorado’s SB 191, which would tie teacher’s tenure to student […]

Breakout #1: District and State Partnership – Boon or Detriment for Entrpreneurship?

Resolved: Entrepreneurs and Systems must Partner to Achieve Widespread Improvement This afternoon, a spirited oxford-style debate took place to examine this resolution.  Under the direction of moderator Mashea Ashton, CEO of the Newark Charter School Fund, the panel examined whether partnerships with districts and states were necessary for the success of entrepreneurial education organizations and […]

Guest post: Out of the shadows

This guest post is from Bill Jackson, founder and CEO of GreatSchools, who was one of the very first entrepreneurs to receive an investment from NewSchools Venture Fund. This year’s NewSchools Summit focuses on the promises and perils of education entrepreneurs going mainstream. Thanks to the Obama Administration, education entrepreneurs are no longer toiling off […]