NewSchools Summit 2010 Session Overview and Video: Welcome and Opening Remarks

July 30, 2010

Summit Description:

Education entrepreneurs’ intense efforts over the past decade and a half have yielded promising results, demonstrating how innovative thinking and fierce dedication can change the lives of children from underserved communities. These accomplishments have only been possible through the collaboration of entrepreneurs working across professional boundaries to end the inequality that blunts the lives of millions across the country. To set the stage for the day, NewSchools invited three thought leaders whose efforts have impacted American education in remarkable ways to welcome participants and frame the day’s conversation.


Part 1: In this video, NewSchools Partner Jonathan Schorr welcomes participants to Summit 2010 and introduces the day’s first speaker: Walter Isaacson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Aspen Institute.

Part 2: In this video, Walter Isaacson kicks off Summit 2010. He discusses the impact education entrepreneurs are having around the country and implores them to tell others about the positive impact they’re having on the lives of children from low-income communities.

Part 3: In this video, NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell takes the stage and welcomes Summit participants on behalf of the NewSchools team. Mitchell tells the crowd, “You have been unambiguous about your goals. You have been clear about the process. And you have staggered the world in terms of the results that you have achieved for kids.”

Part 4: In this video, Ted Mitchell describes the impact NewSchools portfolio ventures are having in the lives of children all across the country. Mitchell also introduces NewSchools Venture Fund’s Fourth Fund, the Innovation Fund.

Part 5: In this video, Ted Mitchell relays a challenge to education entrepreneurs from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and presents a short animated video about the movement to reform the public education system.

Part 6: In this video, Kevin Chavous, Distinguished Fellow at the Center for Education Reform, takes the stage and delivers an impassioned plea to the Summit audience: “When it comes to our children, please adopt this model – No More Mister Nice Guy.”

Part 7: In this video, Stand for Children’s Lindsay Neil announces the passage of Colorado senate bill 191, also known as the “Great Teachers and Leaders” bill.

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