Seed Fund Spotlight at Summit 2014

April 23, 2014

Wondering how education technology is shaping the future of K-12 education? Interested in learning about the innovative NewSchools portfolio companies whose technology solutions are reaching millions of students, teachers, and parents? Be sure to visit the Seed Fund Spotlight right across from NewSchools Summit 2014 registration and demo 24 products that are transforming teaching and learning. 

The Seed Fund invests in a variety of tools both at the classroom level and school/district level and this year we are featuring ventures from the following focus areas:

Classroom Infrastructure

BetterLesson, Blendspace, Edthena, Educreations, Hapara, Nearpod, Teaching Channel, Zaption

School Infrastructure

Schoolzilla, Securly

Digital Curriculum

CodeHS, CoreSpring, Curriculet, eSpark, LearnZillion, Mystery Science, Newsela, NoRedInk, Tales2Go, Tynker, Zeal

College, Career and Community

GreatSchools, Mytonomy, Nepris

This won’t be your typical conference vendor hall, but rather an interactive exhibit where you can try out tools on your own with the help of a “quick start guide.” If you stop by during the Hours of Power, all of the entrepreneurs will be available to answer questions and provide additional information, and don’t be shy about offering feedback; your voice will be heard!