NewSchools/Gallup Poll on Distance Learning

Summer 2020 poll from NewSchools and Gallup looks at parent, teacher, and student perspectives on education technology and distance learning

Schools, students and families will need to work together in new and creative ways this fall as millions of students go back to school virtually. In nearly every possible way, this pandemic is hitting low-income communities and people of color disproportionately hard — and that’s true in schooling as well, as gaps of access to educational resources threaten to widen. Perhaps more than ever, having teachers, parents and students well-connected and aligned is going to be crucial as families navigate distance learning as many use education technology in new or different ways. To support these efforts, NewSchools has partnered with Gallup to survey teachers, students and parents on their perspectives on how distance learning went in the spring, and what they expect and need to be successful this fall.


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Digital Tools and Equity Amid the Pandemic: Teacher, Parent and Student Perspectives

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Parents’ and Students’ Thoughts on Support Needed This Fall by Stephanie Marken, Gallup Executive Director of Education Research, and Tonika Cheek Clayton, NewSchools Managing Partner

Teachers Confident Amid Uncertainty by Valerie J Calderon & Margaret Carlson of Gallup

Gallup: Parents Give Schools Low Marks On Reopening Plans. What Happens Next? by NewSchools CEO, Stacey Childress


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