In September 2019, NewSchools Venture Fund released data and insights from a nationally representative survey of more than 2,500 students and 5,000 educators, developed in partnership with Gallup, exploring perceptions of ed tech in U.S. classrooms. We have compiled the following resources to highlight report findings including key takeaways and other critical information for entrepreneurs working to maximize the effectiveness of digital learning tools.

NewSchools-Gallup Ed Tech Survey: Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs

NewSchools-Gallup Ed Tech Survey: Top 10 Takeaways for Ed Tech Innovators

  1. Ed tech is everywhere and it’s here to stay.
  2. Middle schoolers want more fun!
  3. High schoolers want more interesting tools with practical features.
  4. Educators need to see proof the ed tech product is working early on.
  5. Teachers, principals and administrators have different but overlapping priorities when selecting which tools to use.
  6. Districts and schools mostly pay for purchased ed tech tools.
  7. Teacher selection priorities vary based on their core subject area.
  8. One-to-one student to device environments are not the norm.
  9. Teachers are the most trusted referral source.
  10. Many district administrators and principals also trust evidence-based reports when deciding which tools to use.

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Making Meaning of The NewSchools-Gallup Survey of Educator & Student Perceptions of Ed Tech

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