Reimagining education

April 6, 2011

How would your students reimagine education?

Calling all public school students/recent graduates: how would you “re-imagine education”? Education leaders and the press have a lot to say on what needs to be “fixed” about public schools—paying teachers based on how their students perform, better use of technology, smaller classes, more money—but what do students think? On May 18th, NewSchools Summit will bring together leaders in the education, business, policy and nonprofit fields to talk about ways to improve public education, especially for low-income students and students of color. We want to share your ideas with them on our blog, and are looking to talk with a student or students—in person, on the phone or via email—for a short interview.  We’re especially looking for:

  • Older students (high school or alumni now in college)
  • Students that bring a unique perspective to the table

Please get in touch with Anna at [email protected] if you or a student you know would be interested.