ReimaginED: The Future of K12 Education

December 9, 2013


From TED talk playlists to government speeches, everyone agrees: education is changing. Exactly how, why, or what it all means is still up for debate. Are the low United States PISA scores a sign of stagnation or creativity? Does technology replace or enhance face to face interaction? Are we trying to teach skillsconcepts, or learning mindsets?

At NewSchools Venture Fund, we’d like to set the stage differently, in the context of the ground up innovation already happening. While some see the systemic challenges facing us as signs of a depressed age or solemn future, we see it as a call to action. The time is now to re-imagine our education system, and the landscape that’s developed over the last several years offers fertile ground for new approaches.

Just what are the challenges facing our nation, and what are problem solvers doing to keep training the next generation to be the best and brightest? Find out in Re-imagined, a 50 slide overview of the present and future of education.

Thanks to Brian Greenberg, Emily Dalton-Smith, Evan Marwell, Shruti Gandhi, Janis Ortega, Jennifer Carolan, Shauntel Poulson, Eva Gonda Green, and others for their guidance and feedback on the presentation. Thanks also to Liza Rosh for support with the graphic design.