Promising Developments in EdTech for Science

July 11, 2016

We have scientists to thank for many of conveniences that make our lives simpler, more comfortable…and in a lot of  ways more fun. That’s why we need many, many more scientists, and science education is an essential foundation for success in many careers.  In fact, the demand for workers in STEM-related careers continue to grow.  Yet U.S. students struggle to achieve mastery in science courses.

Last summer, when launching our first edtech market gap challenge — NewSchools Ignite — we were looking for entrepreneurs building edtech tools that support K-12 students’ development of science and engineering skills, while sparking their imaginations as explorers and creators.

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After selecting and working closely with 15 entrepreneurs building products to address critical student needs identified through the challenge, we want to share what we’ve learned with you. We hope it’s useful to educators, funders, teachers and students who want to get involved or learn more about opportunities for edtech to support science learning.

Today we are releasing “Promising Developments in Edtech for Science”, a summary report of our findings and the lessons learned from the Science Learning Challenge market research and cohort experience. The report compiles the key insights we’ve gleaned, and presents them in three sections: why science education matters, challenges facing K-12 science learning, and opportunities for edtech to support science learning. A PDF version of the report is available here.

If you’re interested in learning more or helping us get better digital tools in the hands of students and teachers to support student learning in K-12 classrooms, please join our educator community and tell us what you think.