Practices from the Portfolio, Volume I

March 31, 2008

Education entrepreneurs have much to share with – and learn from – one another. Our Practices from the Portfolio series seeks to capture, synthesize and share this powerful knowledge residing within the NewSchools portfolio.

This first volume of Practices from the Portfolio includes some of the most effective practices in use by the organizations in our portfolio, many of whom are working to create new systems of public charter schools. With the help of FSG Social Impact Advisors, NewSchools documented the details of how these practices were developed and implemented, and collected tools and templates used by these entrepreneurial organizations along the way. The result is a set of case studies that we believe will inform practitioners who are looking to improve practice within their own organizations across three areas: human capital, organizational growth, and educational curriculum and quality.

Full Report: Practices from the Portfolio, Volume I

Executive Summary

*Individual Cases*

Section 1 – Human Capital: Recruiting, Training and Supporting Teachers and Leaders


Section 2 – Home Office: Strategies for Managing Scaling Organizations


Section 3 – Education Program: Curriculum and Quality