NewSchools Summit 2010: Let the Countdown Begin!

February 10, 2010

Welcome to the brand new NewSchools Summit Web site! We hope this site helps you navigate our flagship annual event before, during and after the in-person convening, and that this blog expands on last year’s (see 2009 posts below) by creating some momentum for the discussions that will take place in Washington, DC on May 12. Our team is hard at work planning the day, and we look forward to sharing more details here as they emerge – and to seeing participants in just a few short months!

NewSchools Summit 2010 will focus on the changing context in which education entrepreneurs are operating. As you all know by now, President Barack Obama’s administration has seen plainly the need for educational innovation, and has made that a central point of educational policy – from key speeches and school visits to real dollars out the door. This shift is predicated on the ability of social entrepreneurs to make a real difference for students in underserved communities. It’s an exciting opportunity, but also an enormous challenge: can the entrepreneurial education community deliver? What will it take? How should entrepreneurs work with one another and with states, districts, schools, and communities?

To learn more about the Summit, browse the rest of the site using the navigation tabs above; if you have specific questions or concerned, don’t hesitate to email [email protected].