Mytonomy: New support for guidance counselors with investment from NewSchools Venture Fund

September 4, 2012

NewSchools Venture Fund does it again, investing in an awesome startup with big goals.

Earlier this year, I covered Goalbook, an ed tech startup that was taking a drastically different approach to the development and usability of IEPs (Individual Educational Plans). The Web 2.0 application was unique in the market, but also noteworthy for the educational experience and savvy of the founder, an educator who shares my frustration with the generally miserable IEP process. Just as notable as Goalbook, though, was the NewSchools Venture Seed Fund, a VC firm focused on great ed tech startups that have the potential to make a real difference for students, especially those who are generally underserved.

Now, NewSchools has invested in another companyMytonomy, that is trying to make college prep and career readiness  far more accessible for students who might not otherwise have the connections or resources to pursue higher education and enter the 21st century workforce. According to the NewSchools release,

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