Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, Joel Klein, Sal Khan, Kaya Henderson, Reed Hastings to headline Summit 2011

April 28, 2011

Get excited.

Today, we are rolling out the final agenda and speaker list for Summit 2011. May 18 is going to be a great day. (And do click on the links… they’ll take you to our new website!)

Since 1999, NewSchools has been holding the Summit as a way to gather and grow a movement of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to improving public education for low-income children. This year, we are holding it for the first time in partnership with the Aspen Institute, and it’s our most ambitious event yet. Opening the day will be Sal Khan and Joel Klein, in a conversation moderated by NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell. Khan is the video impresario behind Khan Academy, a nonprofit which has received enormous attention for its free virally popular instructional videos. Klein, the former Chancellor of Schools in New York City, recently joined News Corporation to lead education innovation there.

At lunch, we’ll hear Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg interviewed by John Doerr of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, who is one of America’s most recognized innovators, and NewSchools’ co-founder. And at the end of the day, Netflix founder Reed Hastings and  DC acting schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson will offer views on what it will take to get to wide change for underserved kids.

Those keynote talks will punctuate a day that’s different from any Summit we’ve done in the past. You’ll find more choices of content, and more interactive sessions, than we’ve ever offered before. Fewer names you’ve heard before, but plenty that you’ll hear again. Less sitting, more participating. Sessions with titles like “LeNOIWTA: Let’s Not Overdo It With the Acronyms.” “Keeping the Spark Alive,” and Create Your Own Education Legislation. Speakers with names you’ll be hearing more of in the future, like Jason Kamras, Roxanna Elden, Anthony Kim, John Hunter, and Sandy Speicher.

And we’re innovating outside the sessions too. We’re exploring new parts of the day, such as early-morning yoga to activate your body as well as your mind. You’ll find a space outside the session rooms, created in partnership with innovation design firm IDEO, that will encourage you to make new connections and share what you’ve learned through the day. Even a Story Corps-style booth to help others understand what drives your passion to make education better for low-income kids.

We can’t wait to see you.