NewSchools Venture Fund received $35 million Gift from MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott Makes Historic Gift to NewSchools Venture Fund

January 27, 2022

By Frances Messano and Stacey Childress

We are thrilled to announce that NewSchools Venture Fund has received an incredible $35M investment from MacKenzie Scott—a gift that allows us to continue to provide unrestricted dream capital to the innovators we fund. This is the single largest contribution NewSchools has received to date, and these funds will allow us to dream even bigger about additional ways to support educators and innovators who are reimagining learning right now and in the years to come. 

This contribution comes at a critical time for the education sector. We are in the midst of yet another complex and disruptive year for teachers, school leaders, families, and students. Even as we celebrate this gift, we are doubling down on our commitment to meet this moment and support those on the frontline advancing education equity, excellence, and innovation. 

Many great ideas are waiting in the wings, and we are excited to put more capital in the hands of leaders with the vision, heart, and solutions our students need. There is no doubt about whether we can keep the promise we made at the launch of our strategy to invest more deeply in innovative schools models, accelerate learning solutions that meet student needs, amplify the impact of diverse leaders, and advance racial equity as a cross-cutting goal and through participatory approaches to giving. We will continue to direct resources swiftly and responsively to school and organization leaders across our community, and we will be listening and learning alongside many of you to guide our efforts. 

Our sincere thanks to Ms. Scott, and all of the innovators, leaders, funders, staff members, and partners who have helped shape NewSchools into the organization it is today. This gift is both a reason to celebrate and to energetically accelerate our efforts to help millions of students get the education they deserve. Their futures depend on it, and so do ours.

With gratitude,

Frances & Stacey