Live From Summit 2017: Is EdTech the Great Equalizer? Designing Products for Equity

May 17, 2017

This interactive session was led by Cameron White of NewSchools Venture Fund. Joining him as panelists were Babara Wade, Dr. Richard Charles, Daniel Munda, Eileen Murphy, Sunny Washington, and Gabriel Aduato. The session discusses equity in edtech products and how teachers use these products to create authentic, real-word classroom learning experiences.


Barbara Wade from Chicago Public Schools showed Ashburn High school students using ThinkCerca to learn about constitutional amendments and debate social issues using claims and evidence.

Dr. Richard Charles from Cherry Creek School District in Colorado showed how his elementary schools do near-space balloon launches using Ardusat, which does science experiments in space using micro controller boards with sensors for caputuring data input real-time. At the end of the year, Dr. Charles’ fourth graders will have launched 90 near-space balloons. His school even made the nightly news with a story about STEM coaches who have helped kids reach the edge of space.

Daniel Munda of The San Francisco School showed how he used Motion Math’s interactive games to make math come alive in the classroom.

NewSchools Ignite entrepreneurs from each of these companies – Eileen Murphy (ThinkCERCA), Sunny Washington (Ardusat) and Gabriel Aduato (Motion Math) shared how they think about equity as a part of product design and pricing.