Live from Summit 2013– Hour of Power One

May 1, 2013

Welcome to Summit 2013’s first Hour of Power networking session. As conference participants power network over a cup of coffee sharing business cards and discussing the ideas of “frustrated optimist” Thomas Friedman, we were privileged to visit with some of the innovative individuals, organizations and companies helping to usher in the next generation of education technology.

Combining gaming with instruction, Sifteo provides a portable platform – the Sifteo cube – and new hands-on approach for intelligent play with 15 games for students 6 to 10 and beyond. LearnZillion creates videos for instruction aligned to the Common Core – putting “teacher power at your fingertip.” This teacher created content allows users to choose math or ELA lessons and provides interactive student tracking. Tynker’s coding for kids approach delivers a creative computing platform to unlock STEM skills for educators, kids and parents. Using a visual building block approach – Legos for the 21st century, Tynker allows students 3rd to 8th grade to gain crucial skills for the future. LocoMotiveLabs builds educational apps to provide play-based learning to empower kids, such as learning to tell time to introduce math.

Visit all these fantastic innovators, but don’t forget to recharge, relax and reconnect!