News Release – Learning games continue to gain momentum as co.lab announces cohort #3

September 15, 2014

co.lab welcomes cohort #3

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – We launched co.lab — the first and only startup accelerator focused on the intersection of games and learning — one year ago. Today, we are excited to introduce the seven companies that will be participating in co.lab’s third cohort, which kicks off this week:

  • CodeMonkey Studios is creating an engaging online game that teaches students real coding, from fundamentals to advanced programming subjects.
  • Econauts, developed by the Learning Games Network, makes difficult-to-observe ecological phenomena visible to explain the relationships between choices that humans make and their environmental consequences.
  • Kizoom makes fun apps that help kids recognize the power of their own brains, build cognitive skills and gain confidence and openness to learning new things.
  • Mathbreakers is a 3D playground for mathematics where numbers come to life.
  • MindBlown Labs creates highly interactive, experiential learning tools to empower young people to make better financial and life decisions.
  • Montessorium creates well-crafted, personalized, self-guided learning experiences, utilizing technology to make Montessori educational approaches more widely accessible.
  • Piper is designing kits that allow students to assemble their own working computers and begin their journey into creating lights, motors, and DIY hardware.

As children’s usage of apps — particularly mobile games — continues to increase, there are new opportunities for edtech startups to support students’ academic and social development. Over half of teacherssurveyed use digital games in the classroom at least weekly; many more are beginning to recognize the potential benefits of learning games, especially as tools to engage and empower lower performing students.

During the past year, co.lab has worked closely with 12 leading startups developing games that have collectively reached over 22.5 million users worldwide. These companies have represented a range of subject areas and approaches: early childhood development (Kidaptive, Kiko Labs), mathematics and quantitative reasoning (Motion Math, BrainQuake), literacy and creative expression (Pluto Media, Kid Bunch, Timbuktu Labs), special education (LocoMotive Labs), user-generated content (Pixowl, TinyTap) and platforms for social learning (Edmodo, Edcast).

Based in part on feedback from cohorts #1 and #2, we have designed ourprogram to be tailored to the specific needs of games-based learning startups. Bringing together the resources of our founding partners —NewSchools Venture Fund’s educational and edtech expertise’s access to best-in-class talent and resources from the world of commercial games — we’re able to invest a unique combination of financial, human and social capital as well as provide strategic and fundraising support. Building on its first year commitment, is also contributing an additional $1 million to support co.lab’s work.

Cohort #3 companies were founded by a talented and diverse set of entrepreneurs including educators, technologists, game developers, school founders, researchers from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of California – Berkeley, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans and even recent college graduates. They are tied together by a willingness to push technological and pedagogical boundaries to expand possibilities for learners’ growth.

We are thrilled to help accelerate these startups’ progress by connecting their founding teams to expertise and best practices from the commercial games industry, feedback from students and educators, and – critically – each other. Working together, we plan to help them optimize their products to support learning in the classroom or at home, with an emphasis on scaling impact while strengthening the games-based learning community.

If you’re interested in following cohort #3’s journey, stay in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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