Welfie is a health equity platform that puts community health workers in schools to deliver health education and care coordination. We provide districts with a community schools platform that addresses social determinants of health and education. And families with a consumer health app to navigate health, wellness and access to services.

Substantial Classrooms

Substantial was founded to unlock the potential of substitute teaching, one of the most overlooked, under-designed areas of public education. We developed SubSchool, our proven professional development platform, to provide substitute teachers with high-quality, tailored training and support. With SubSchool, we aim to cultivate the skills and confidence that make subs more effective in the […]

Propel America

Propel America, founded in 2019 to build supported alternative pathways from high school into a meaningful career in healthcare, is eager to launch a new initiative to generate awareness of and readiness for a jobs-first higher education pathway amongst 9-12th graders. Propel will launch in 2024 an updated K-12 strategy that involves working with young […]

Paloma Learning Inc.

Paloma is an edtech company that harnesses generative AI to unleash parents’ untapped teaching potential. Our product is a platform and marketplace that connects teachers to families and families to learning resources. Paloma will make it so easy and gratifying for teachers to engage families in student learning that doing so becomes standard practice.


OurWorlds innovates emerging technologies to preserve and advance history, culture, current events, arts, music and language. OurWorlds is an immersive reality communication platform that uses geolocation to transform public and private spaces for education and entertainment.

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund, Inc.

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund Inc. (ONGB) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving communities across the nation through efforts to reduce educational disparities. Our mission is to create and scale innovative solutions that empower young people and improve educational equity.


MedReimagined produces biomedical science kits, camps, and curricula all supported by an augmented education process that pairs practicing Black medical professionals with highly qualified classroom instructors to put worthy students from the communities with the greatest need on the path to becoming medical professionals. The MedReimagined concept was created by Dr. Damien Myers when he […]

Magnolia Project

Magnolia Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds pathways for experiential learning in California’s middle and high schools. We offer relevant Career Technical Education (CTE) centering student leadership and agency through Externship, Internship and Learning Journeys Pathways. Our students are the dreamers, doers, and decision-makers in their CTE experience. Through exploratory externships, immersive work-based […]

LivedX Inc

LivedX, an proprietary Artificial Intelligence powered platform enabling student success by converting their lived and learned experiences into transferable skills credentials including college credits.

First Tech Fund, Inc

First Tech Fund is dedicated to empowering low-income high school students in identifying, navigating, and attaining academic and professional opportunities through a supportive, adaptive ecosystem where they get access to free technology, skills training, social capital, mentorship, and more.