Innovators in Education

May 9, 2013

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After 15 years of working to improve education by supporting and enabling the ideas and efforts of passionate innovators, instead of looking back, NewSchools Venture Fund is looking 15 years further down the road. We believe that looking toward the future is key to preparing for it. We also believe that the best way to understand the future is to listen to those creating it. Hear from NewSchools entrepreneurs about the challenges facing education, the solutions they are creating and the visions of the future informing and driving their work forward. We also took the time to listen to KIPP King senior, and soon-to-be Harvard Freshman, Laetitia Tiani Vessah, who spoke to the on-the-ground realities facing today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Thank you to:
Norman Atkins of Relay GSE, Sam Chaudhary of ClassDojo, Sooinn Lee of Locomotive Labs, Emily Sawtell of Hapara, Jason Singer of Gobstopper, Laetitia Tiani Vessah of KIPP King Collegiate Highschool and Eric Westendorf of LearnZillion for sharing their visions and work with us, and thank you to all of our entrepreneurs working towards a better state of education for today and tomorrow.