The NewSchools-Gallup Ed Tech Survey: Full Report on Usage by Educators and Teachers

The Education Technology Use in Schools report reflects the views of students, teachers, principals and district administrators on digital learning tools. Including the perspectives of those most familiar with the impact of these tools in schools can lend important clarity for those seeking to develop new and innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students learn.

Live from NewSchools Summit 2016: Innovative approaches to empowering educators and entrepreneurs through ed tech research

Recorded at NewSchools Summit 2016, this video features brief presentations from Phyllis Lockett (CEO at LEAP Innovations), Thomas Kane, Ph.D. (Walter H. Gale Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education), and Tonika Cheek Clayton (Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund). Each presenter describes an innovative approach to empowering educators and entrepreneurs through ed tech research.

Making ed tech hires with an eye toward diversity, equity and inclusion

While it can be challenging for early stage ventures to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within the hiring process, it is also true that early decisions in these areas are especially important for a company’s long-term DEI trajectory. In this post, we share links we have assembled to help support ed tech entrepreneurs throughout the hiring process.