Using Technology to Enhance Early Learning

In this virtual convening, Dr. Osnat Zur and Dr. Faith Polk, Senior Program Associates from WestEd, began with a review of the benefits and challenges of using technology and interactive media to support children’s learning. They continued with an exploration – featuring photographs of real-world early learning environments – of ways educators are using technology […]

Access and Shifting the Digital Divide

How do we ensure that ed tech tools are reaching and impacting students who are most in need? In this virtual convening, Dr. Ed Greene will discuss how ed tech developers can help support young children from all backgrounds and income levels in having access to high quality ed tech tools. Dr. Greene will draw […]

Literature Review: Education Technology and Early Learning

  As part of our research partnership, WestEd conducts a literature review for each NewSchools Ed Tech challenge. The literature review is meant to provide readers with an overview of the current ed tech research landscape, as it relates to the challenge’s focus area. This literature review provides an overview of best practices for developers to […]

Early Learning Ed Tech Challenge – PreK-2nd Grade

In August 2017, NewSchools Venture Fund launched the Early Learning Ed Tech Challenge – open to entrepreneurs developing technology-enabled learning experiences, instructional content, learning diagnostics, administrative tools, and other digital products that support students in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Why Early Learning? The importance of early learning In their early years, children are playing, exploring, […]


ReasoningMind was part of the Early Learning Ed Tech Challenge. Funds supported ReasoningMind’s solutions combining individualized learning delivered by adaptive technology with targeted teaching to deliver world-class mathematical programs to students in PreK-8.


“WriteReader provides a learning platform that enables children to create, share, and publish books which improves their literacy skills.”

Waterford Institute

“Waterford Institute is a nonprofit research center that creates personalized, cloud-based instruction through award-winning curriculum, content, and assessment for children aged Pre-K to grade 2.”


Sparkler is a mobile platform that empowers parents and connects the health and education systems for the benefit of children ages birth through 8.


Teachley develops math games that replace formative assessments and give K-5 teachers insight about what to teach next.